Mentorship & Coaching

Are You Ready To Give Birth To Your Vision?

I am delighted to share with you my personal experiences with building legacies. My passion for legacy building is both to lead and guide you in identifying your legacy but to also begin its building process. Legacy is not an accident that is haphazardly created by a series of coincidence. It is purpose-driven work creating inroads to lasting impressions making that makes a permanent statement about one’s life.

Legacy is Intentional

Each session whether individual or group will be designed to identify, envision, and enlarge your legacy that you may or may not already be in the process of creating.  Remember; “Legacy is Intentional.”

As a living example of how your legacy can touch, inspire and yes motivate others I will be sharing with you my personal journey and some pitfalls to legacy building

It is my hope that at the end of each session you will be both excited and equipped to begin your own personal journey beginning the planting seasons of your legacy.

Individual Development Coaching Sessions

  • Mini-Session (1)-25 minutes consultation session to assist with discovery. [$80.00]
  • Start-Up Package (2) Personal Coaching sessions to begin unlocking the visionary within you. [$145.00]

Group Personal Development Coaching Programs

  • Coaching Birthing Package: (8) group sessions designed as an in-depth discussion to assist with moving toward birthing your vision.  [$205.00]


  • Contact us directly for available packages and times.

Dr. Stinson's Areas of Expertise

  • Legacy Builder
  • Coaching
  • Professional Development (Profit & Nonprofit)
  • Leadership
  • Women in Ministry
  • Educational Supervisor

Visionaries will discover how to birth forth vision using their full potential and how such can render additional income and resources. Apprentices will explore, fear, birth pain, be able to identify the vision that stirring, how to remain focused, and more.